This is the south studio as it looked last January. Yes, it is rather spartan, but it does offer comfortable shelter in the winter and a fairly nice working area as well.

In the spring the beauty of the surroundings transforms these five acres into a paradise. Plantings that survive from an old farmhouse are augmented by recent additions.

Witness to the varied history of this plot of ground is the old pear tree. A careful look shows a departing robin. He gave concert from the top of the tree most evenings in the spring and summer.

The kiln arrived before the shed was built. We placed it on a cement slab, all that remained of an outbuilding of the old farmstead.

Curving 1/4 inch osb board over a frame of homemade trusses gave us a sturdy 10 foot by 20 foot shelter for less than $300.

Locating the kiln near the edge of the slab gave us easy access to pits for post-firing reduction.

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