This page is where we share technical stuff about our work, share glazes we like and links we have enjoyed.
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Our Kilns

We have two gas kilns. Our mainstay is a venerable Olsen-pattern updraft using natural gas. We bisque to cone 06 and most of our stoneware is then glazed and fired to cone 6 or 7 in reduction.

We also have a propane powered Olympic Raku 23. We needed something quickly for our South Studio, that would handle both our raku work and stoneware glaze firings. We are quite satisfied with our choice; the olympic is easy on the back to load, and its smaller size gives us more flexibility in production.

We produce some pit-fired pots as well. We like to make a family occasion of that, firing the pots in the same backyard firepit that cooked our hotdogs and s'mores!


We mix our own glazes. One we currently like, we call "Envy 5". We give the recipe below. Of course there are so many variables in firing and cooling, as well as in raw materials, glazing techniques and so on, that what works for us might not for you. Test before you use any glaze to see if it is suitable in your studio.

Envy 5 Glossy forest green glaze cone 6-7 ox./red.
Nepheline syenite29.5
Gerstley borate8.8
Green chrome oxide1
Cobalt carbonate0.5

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