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Why handcrafted web pages in this computer age? Because that's the best way to get a high-quality finished product. You see, computers are very good at doing tasks that don't call for complex judgment, but when it comes time to make a decision, they must fall back on a few one-size-fits-all choices the programmers made to fit "average" situations. At North Light Cottage Industry the computer does the drudgework, of course, but when it comes to critical processes, there is no substitute for the most powerful "personal computer" on Earth, the human mind!

I honed my computer skills as the principal web programmer for a small, but cutting edge, Internet Service Provider. While there I designed everything from banners to full-blown regional promotion sites, made animations, worked with sound and live streaming sound and web cams. But North Light Cottage Industry is not just the home of a computer whiz - I know how to get your message across. I am expert at communicating ideas and projecting images. I have professional training and years of experience in visual and verbal communication.

Communicating with the Internet infrastructure is important too. The most compelling website is worthless if customers can't find it. Getting a website to show up toward the front of search engine listings is a never-ending struggle between competitors - and the search engines themselves as they try to sort out legitimate entries from the gimmicky tricks of fly-by-nighters. Sure, there is software out there that claims to do this kind of work for you, but it can't keep up with constant changes in strategies. I'm a veteran in that war. So, while there are no real guarantees, you can rest assured that your site will develop a strong presence on the internet. I have a maintenance strategy that insures that your site will receive the billing and attention that it deserves, and that makes the difference between money well invested and money thrown away on Internet advertising and promotion.


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